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Clear.  Simple. Transparent. 

Our prices are very straightforward. No more "co-pays." We try to keep it straightforward understandable. No more wondering what you will owe after you leave the office. Whether you have health insurance or not (and we strongly encourage that you do have coverage), we believe this model provides an experience hard to find elsewhere. 


Membership Prices: 


$84 monthly


$840 annually

Dependents* (12-25):

$24 monthly


$240 annually

(*requires one adult member) 


What's Included? There is no additional charge for each office visit, annual health assessments, house calls (when medically appropriate), basic labs (such as blood counts, cholesterol, glucose, thyroid, urine analysis, warfarin monitoring, and more), EKGs, office procedures (mole removals and biopsies), and electronic communication (by secure portal, email, or text). Additional labs are offered at a significantly discounted price, or they can be filed with your insurance by our reference lab. 

                      Special pricing


      for individuals and families

                        under 40 ! 


Dr White also offers consultations for patients with complicated cholesterol / triglyceride problems, including those unable to take "statin" medications, assistance with weight loss, second opinions and advice for other medical issues and dilemmas, and CDL examinations. A membership with Hometown Direct Care is not required. Call our office at 704.435.1100 for pricing and more details.